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We are gathered here today to celebrate your descent. A final journey surrendering to the lure of the sea. An unearthly destination loaded with rampant youth energy. We pay our respects to the murky waves that swallowed us whole, spitting us out at dusk. We ponder our fate of reaching the eternal shores.


A limited edition Halloween special!  Grab yours today. Presented in a larger size (120g) and in a tin coffin!  A fresh, modern scent, one of Uppercut's best yet.


Characteristics are otherwise as per your favourite Deluxe Pomade:


Hold - Strong without stiffness
Finish - Medium-high shine
Style guide - Perfect for controlling and defining pomps, side-parts and slick-backs
Hair type - Suitable for all hair types of medium length
Size: 120g tin coffin
Water based

A must have product no guy should do without.

Use Instructions

Apply to dry hair that has been washed beforehand.

Start by working a small amount of product into dry palms and make sure to spread evenly across both hands. Apply a small amount to the fringe area using fingertips then work from the back of your head forwards making sure to spread product evenly throughout your hair.

Using a comb, shape and define your style from root to tip, front to back. For extra hold or shine, build up layers of Deluxe Pomade as you go, before setting your style tight. Take a step back, and admire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S (Henderson)

Great product. First time using uppercut of any kind. Smells amazing and has a nice strong hold that washes out easily. You also only need an extremely small amount to get the hold you want so should last a good while. While I haven't smelt the original uppercut, it will be sad when this limited edition runs out because it does smell amazing.

Geoff Cavanagh (Hamilton)
No Doom but All Groom

Another first class, reliable product from UpperCut. Highly recommend.

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