Wet Shaving for Women - Feminine Shaving with a Safety Razor. 

safety razor feminine wet shaving for women


A Great Shave

Close, smooth and great for sensitive skin or ingrowing hairs



Bulk packs of blades work out very cheap



Zero or minimal plastics, minimise landfill

Wet shaving for women has gained popularity due to its effective and close results. Using a double-edge safety razor, along with a quality shaving cream or soap, women can achieve a smooth shave with minimal irritation. This traditional method is not only cost-effective but also offers a luxurious and pampering experience. Wet shaving promotes sustainability by reducing plastic waste compared to disposable razors. Overall, wet shaving provides women with a practical, indulgent, and eco-friendly approach to hair removal.


What's so great about the safety razor?

How can something dating from 1900 be better that the multi-blade cartridge razors currently being marketed to me everywhere I look?  And aren't the razors more expensive than my supermarket razor?

Cost: yes, the razor handle is more expensive than a loss-leader corporate multi-blade monster, but if well looked after it should last for years and over time the running costs are very low.  Blades are very economical if you buy bulk packs and you can easily get 2 years worth of shaves for $20.  Keep the savings for yourself instead of funding some multinational's marketing campaigns!

Performance: after a very short learning curve you can get outstanding results.  You may well notice that any problems with ingrowing hairs clear up after 2 or 3 months.

Sustainability: depending on your razor and blade choice there will be few plastics involved or none at all.  Blades are 100% metal and can be carefully stored with a view to recycling (and a lifetime's used blades will fit in a single coffee can!)

The safety razor is a pretty simple tool, but there are a few variations to be aware of.

Three piece

Unscrews into 3 parts for blade change: handle, head and top plate.

Two piece

Top plate unscrewed by knob at base of handle, head remains attached.  Less user contact with blade when changing.

Closed comb

Most common, the blade is protected on each side by a one-piece guard rail.

Open comb

Less common, the blade is guarded by "teeth" a little like a garden rake.  Some prefer for thick and heavy hair.


Various mechanisms used to adjust the blade gap for more or less aggressiveness.

Single Edge

Uses a single-edged blade from an "injector" dispenser. Very safe and convenient.


Once common, now quite unusual, twisting the handle opens two flaps allowing the blade to be changed.

Handle length

If you are shaving your legs, the extra reach of a long handled razor can come in handy.

For a first razor it's generally recommended to keep things simple and go for a closed comb, non-adjustable model.  Handle materials, two or three piece etc are all just personal preferences.  After all, you want something that looks awesome on your bathroom counter!


What about blades?

The great thing about double edged blades?  They are all interchangeable!  Any brand will fit any safety razor.
That said, all brands are different and they are a very personal choice.  It's impossible to give a recommendation, the best approach is to try out 5 or 10 packs of different brands before committing to a 100 or 200 blade bulk pack.
Some blades come in plastic packs of 5 or 10, others are in cardboard packaging

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Shaving Brushes 

You don't actually need a shaving brush if you are using a shaving cream or gel, but it will give you much better results.
If you are using a hard shaving soap then you will definitely need a brush.
Brushes help to lather up your soap, cream or gel, and raise stubborn hairs ready for shaving.


Shaving Cream, soap or gel?

You can really go to town here and treat yourself to a touch of luxury!  Hint: many of the soaps and creams marketed as men's will serve equally well for women, with scents such a Lavender, Rose or Lime.
Hard soaps are usually the most economical, but remember you'll need a shaving brush (it needn't be an expensive one).

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