Thiers-Issard Singing Razor 6/8 Faux Tortoiseshell

Thiers IssardSKU: 11001

Sale price$299.00


This 6/8 razor from Thiers-Issard's Luxe range sports a fully hollow ground blade, made from lead-hardened C135 Sheffield steel.  Thiers-Issard's hollow ground blades are thin and flexible and referred to as "singing" due to the tone that can be rung from them.  The "Spartacus" mark on this blade uses hand-applied gold leaf.  For this model we have chosen a French nose.

  • Made in Thiers, France
  • 6/8" Carbonsong C135 Sheffield steel blade, "singing" full hollow grind, with French nose
  • Gold leaf "Spartacus" mark
  • One side mirror polished, one side satin polished
  • Faux tortoiseshell scales
  • Supplied in its own Barenia leather wallet

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