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Intended for use with a shaving brush, Proraso Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin provides an ultra-creamy lather to prepare skin for a close shave without razor burn. The formula, ideal to help calm and prevent redness caused by shaving, is enriched with Oatmeal and Green Tea for a soothing and emollient effect, ideal for sensitive skin. Features just a hint of the light, fresh scent of lime and apple. Made with a special "hot soap" process, it's left to mature in small batches for 10 days, during which the moisture evaporates, and the product becomes solid and more concentrated -- perfect for a professional-quality shave with a brush.

  • Contains Green Tea and Oatmeal to soothe and moisturise.
  • Made in Italy.
  • 150ml tub.

Customer Reviews

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Bill Wilkinson (Auckland)
Proraso - White having Soap

I have been using Proraso shaving soap (red and green) for over 20 years. I only recently discovered the white version. For me it provided a better and smoother lather than the others. It also seemed to last longer.

Darren Walker (Christchurch)
Proraso shaving soap.

The best shaving soap for sensitive skin I have ever used. Great lather and the bowl lasts for months. Highly recommend it.

lewis wells (Auckland)
Proraso white

Scent a bit sweet - cloying - should have got the sandalwood (red) one. Excellently slipery, however - wonderful shaving.

Owen Vercoe (Los Angeles)
Proraso Shaving Bowl

Great product, lathers great, bit of a knack to the process, however very enjoyable experience.

Matt (Mosgiel)
Great product

I've been using aerosol creams for years so it took me a couple attempts to get the lathering right but it was absolutely worth the effort and I'll never buy shaving cream from a supermarket again!

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