Muhle S21H220SR Rytmo Black Fibre Safety Razor Shaving Set Ash

MuhleSKU: S 21 H 220 SR

Sale price$189.99


This well priced shaving set is made from steamed Ash wood trimmed with chrome plated metal. The holder keeps both razor and brush suspended, keeping the brush in optimum condition and saving on benchtop space.  The brush is made with Mühle's highly successful "Black Fibre" synthetic badger hair replacement.  As well as being vegetarian/vegan friendly, this material is also particularly hard-wearing.  Vegetarian friendly

  • 3 part shaving set
  • Razor and brush with steamed Ash handles
  • Accepts all double-edged razor blades
  • Synthetic "Black Fibre" hair brush
  • Stand for razor and brush
  • Made in Germany

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