Muhle RN 3 GM Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl - Grapefruit and Mint

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Grapefruit & Mint – invigorating and refreshing – in wooden bowl made of ash

“A good lather is half the shave” was a barber’s watchword back in the day. Tests have shown that shaving a beard hair requires as much cutting power as slicing through a copper wire of the same thickness. By thoroughly lathering and massaging in the shaving foam, the beard hair is straightened and sufficiently soaked to allow the blade to cut the beard hair without pulling on the hair root – a common cause of inflammation.
Solid shaving soaps are considered to be classics among shaving care products and are valued for their properties. Circular movements of the shaving brush produce a dense, creamy foam that remains stable throughout the duration of a shave. When lathered, the beard hair is soaked and thus prepared for a thorough and gentle shave. All of MÜHLE’s soaps are free from animal ingredients and developed according to fine recipes. They’re also particularly sustainable as MÜHLE’s shaving soaps are packaged without plastic and are extremely economical. A soothing pleasure for many months!

Grapefruit and mint

The combination of fruity grapefruit, refreshing mint and finely balanced acerbic notes of black pepper, cedar wood, as well as amber and vetiver transforms shaving into a refreshing experience. Vitalising mint oil has a pleasant, slightly cooling effect on the skin.

Ø 60 mm, 2.4 inch; 65 g in wooden bowl


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John Conner (Manurewa)
I didn't like the smell.

I liked the bole and the soap latheres up well but I don't particularly like the sent of this soap.

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