Muhle K 1-200 Double Edge Razor Blades 200 pack

MuhleSKU: 45169

Sale price$99.95


NEW: Muhle double edge safety razor blades now come in sustainable paper and card packaging - no plastic!

  • 20 x 10pc.card packs of MÜHLE double edge blades for safety razors
  • total 200 double edge razor blades
  • individually wrapped stainless steel blades
  • suitable for all safety razors

Customer Reviews

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Andy Nicholson (Christchurch)
Mulhle double edge razor blades

One of the best blades on the market. I have tried a lot of blades over the years, even shaving with a straight razor. I imported blades by the 100 when they were out of fashion and hard to get in NZ. I double shave, ie lather up twice shaving in a different direction each time. I usually get five days, sometimes six, from a Muhle blade. Oddly enough the next best for me is a Wilkinson Sword blade, three days usually, bought from India, post free for around $15 per 100. Love the Muhle.

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