Merkur 46C Travel Razor Set in Leather Case

MerkurSKU: 10063

Sale price$114.99


For the organised traveller, this razor dismantles into 3 components to fit into a compact leather case, which also has a space for a pack of double edge blades. 

  • Traditional styling
  • Two part handle
  • Leather case with room for blades
  • Precision made in Solingen, Germany.
  • Accepts any of the double edge blades that we sell.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Hamilton)

This is a pointless kit. It *looks* like a good idea, but it turns out it isn't.

The razor head is nothing special, but that's not a surprise.

The two parts of the two-part handle have mismatched matt finishes, so it's not actually all that pretty. It doesn't really make sense that it breaks down for travel, either, when it turns out the travel case is just unnecessarily large.

Worst of all, with the razor disassembled and put in its case, it rattles, and there's nowhere to put the blade. You'll still need some other way to carry that blade you're not ready to throw out yet.

So the razor itself is only mediocre, and the case isn't compact, convenient or fit for purpose at all.

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