Merkur Futur Safety Razor - Polished Chrome

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A stunning and futuristic razor, offered by us in the polished chrome finish. This is a big and heavy razor with a long handle. It's not all about looks though - the Futur is also adjustable, from a mild to an aggressive shave, to suit all beard types.

  • Polished chrome.
  • Adjustable blade angle.
  • Accepts any of the double edged blades that we sell.
  • Made in Solingen, Germany.

"This is a very well made, well balanced and quality razor with the ability to adjust the cutting angle from 1 through to 6 in increments allowing for sensitive skin through to a very close shave.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this as an exceptional product

Dave M"

Customer Reviews

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Take your time with this one.

This is a beautiful razor, well balanced and yes, it is heavy. Because of the balance I found I can easily use a light touch to glide the blade over the skin. The weight helps to keep the razor steady. The head is big so shaving under the nose requires a bit more effort, but doable. My beard is average, and my skin tends to be a bit sensitive, so I found setting 2 and 3 too aggressive for now. I feel I need to get used to this at setting 1 for a couple of weeks. Sometimes I let a few days to a week go without shaving, so I envisage the higher settings will come in handy to reduce on a first pass.
As this is the chrome model, I was conscious of the possibility that this could be slippery. I have not found it so. I think because you hold the handle where the indented part of the shaft is, this gives sufficient grip and control. Having said that, I always make sure I do not have soap on my hands, wet hands are fine.
Loading blades is easy but you have to think about what you are doing. It could be possible to cut yourself and I have seen reviews where the razor is criticized because you have to grip the head while changing settings. My response would be - learn your tool! All DE Razors can cut you if you don't respect them. I am experimenting with different blades and techniques which is all part of the joy that goes with traditional wet shaving.

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