Merkur Futur Polished Four Piece Shaving Set 751

MerkurSKU: 90 751 001

Sale price$509.99


With the MERKUR FUTUR 751 shaving set finished in bright chrome plating, you can achieve perfect comfort when wet shaving. The Merkur FUTUR is a modern safety razor with an elegant and simple appearance. With the blade fine adjustment, you can tailor the shaving experience to suit your needs, which is why it is suitable for beginners as well as professionals!

This beautiful set comes with everything you need to begin wet shaving. In addition to the MERKUR FUTUR in a stylish chrome design and its perfectly paired razor blades, you also get a shaving brush made of genuine silvertip badger hair.

Effortlessly whip a luxurious shaving lather in the enclosed crucible. After you’ve enjoyed your first satsifying shave, you’ll understand why MERKUR is a favourite amongst clients who want to enjoy the highest quality home shave. Easily store your tools neatly on the stylish stand.

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