Merkur 34c Safety Razor HD "Hefty"

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The 34C is often known as the "Heavy Duty" or "Hefty" because of its large diameter handle, which gives an extra weight or heft in the hand. Spend some time on the wet shaving community forums and you will see that this is the razor most often recommended for wet shaving beginners, though it is equally suitable for the seasoned expert.

  • A 2 piece razor
  • Large diameter heavy handle.
  • Chrome plated.
  • Accepts any of the double edged blades that we sell.
  • Made in Solingen, Germany.
  • Ideal for beginner or expert.

Customer Reviews

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Dave Richards
Too small

I have found the razor way too small for my hands - and I’m not a big guy. I end up getting cramp in my hand while using it. I should have bought one with larger handle. Otherwise it’s a nice unit

Ramon Curtis (Whangarei)
Top notch

First time using a safe razor and safe to say I'm never going back to trash tier Gillete etc razors. Cleaner shave but most importantly, no rashes, cuts or irriation, and I have super sensy skin. Solid as my Culipi

Kris (Wellington)
My first time with a Safety Razor: The 'Hefty' is worth all of the plaudits.

After years of using electric shavers or disposable razors, and not really sure as to when the epiphany 'moment' actually was, I decided to start using a safety razor. After checking out a few reviews, Merkur were said to be one of the best brands, and the 'HD' its top razor for beginners. After buying it from Mancave a few months back I can honestly say I'll never go back! And let's be honest, the Germans are just so good at producing quality.

Alexander Nathan Moore (Christchurch)

Merkur 34c Safety Razor HD "Hefty"

KS (Auckland)
Great razor…

This is an excellent beginner razor gives a smooth no nick shave I recommend this razor.

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