Kent A 5T Dressing Table Comb

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  • Medium sized dressing table comb
  • Length 169mm.
  • Coarse and fine teeth
  • Suitable for wet or dry, medium to thick hair


Kent’s handmade combs are saw cut, and then hand polished and buffed to create soft rounded teeth that will not damage your hair or scalp. They are made from cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based plastic derived from plants that has been found to create less static in hair. These smooth teeth stimulate the natural oils inside the hair cuticles as your hair is combed, and it is this oil that encourages the cuticles on each hair to lie flat creating strong, healthy, shiny hair.

A non-handmade comb is known as an injection moulded comb. They have razor sharp teeth which damage the hair cuticle, and ultimately cause split ends. These combs also feature tiny ridges, known as ‘mould marks’ which scratch and snag your hair causing breakage and severe cuticle damage.

Customer Reviews

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John Conner (Auckland)
Nice comb

This is the perfect size comb and is very stylish and feels high quality.

Stan S (Taupo)
All Combs ARE NOT the same

This is the absolute best comb I have ever had. It is well made, doesn't break in your pocket, smooth teeth and no scalp irritation. I am waiting for the others in the range to come back into stock so I can order more of the range. It really is superb

Tim Rice (Wellington)

Kent A 5T Dressing Table Comb

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