GEM Personna PTFE Coated Single Edge Blades 100 pack

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An economy pack of 100 GEM PTFE coated stainless steel single edged blades.  These can be used in classic vintage razors by GEM and Ever Ready and provide a superior shave to either their original carbon steel disposable blades or the re-sharpenable blades that came with some of them.  These are the SE blades often referred to on shaving forums as "Ted Pellas"
  • Tray of 100
  • Individually cardboard wrapped blade section for protection
  • Stainless steel with a PTFE coating
  • 0.229mm thickness
  • Cuts through epoxies well and also good for other industrial, scientific, horticultural and craft uses

Note: although these have been used by single edge shavers worldwide for years, they are technically "For Industrial Use Only" (as marked on the pack) which means that they may not have been sanitised in the same way as blades intended specifically for shaving.  For this reason you may wish to consider dipping them in alcohol or otherwise sanitising them before use.

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