Dovo 201031 Shavette Razor Red and Black Handle

DovoSKU: 201031

Sale price$83.49


Dovo's Shavette range of razors provides the experience of using a straight razor without the associated stropping and honing, or high initial investment.  Supplied with the clear blade holder which accepts a standard double edged blade snapped in half.

Why would you buy a Shavette?

  • You are thinking about getting into straight razors but don't want to spend all that money until you are sure.
  • You are already a straight razor user and want to travel with hand luggage only, sourcing blades at your destination.
  • You are already a straight razor user but want a backup.
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Black aluminium blade holder
  • Black and red acrylic handle
  • Supplied with clear blade holder for standard DE blades

PLEASE NOTE: the old Dovo "long" Shavette blades are no longer in production.

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