Cutthroat NZ "The Tobacconist" - Tobacco Beard Balm

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Made in Queenstown, New Zealand, this premium tobacco scented beard balm infused with high grade Nicotiana Tabacum (Tobacco) and Piper nigrum (black pepper) essential oils provides a very slight peppery note and balance against the fresh, sweet fullness of an amazing tobacco essential oil. Designed and crafted by professional barbers in consultation with a clinically-trained AromaScience Practitioner to ensure the product is safe for cosmetic use.

'The Tobacconist' is a sensory overload reminiscent of walking in to a traditional high street tobacconist.

A range of high quality ingredients have been chosen for their individual properties and include Shea butter, Candelilla wax (gives the beard shape), Jojoba oil and Grapeseed oil which is rich and fatty, and dense in key nutrients like vitamins C, D and E. These ingredients are natural, non-greasy, nourishing for hair & skin and they do not clog the skin pores..


Exudes bold and masculine notes of fresh Tobacco & Black Pepper


Product comes in a recyclable 60ml amber glass pot.


  • 60ml ℮ 2fl.oz


Note: If you notice white spots on the surface of your beard balm there is nothing wrong with it, these are not contaminants, it is the result of temperature fluctuation. The high content of organic Shea butter used in Cutthroat beard balms contains fatty acids and vitamins, which is what your skin and facial hair love. As the Shea butter cools during the manufacturing process fatty acids start to become solid faster than the Shea itself and crystals form. They will melt when rubbed between your palms and fingers. Summer temperatures can also cause Shea butter to melt while it's shipped to you, forming harmless crystals; it's a function of the lush Shea butter.

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