Bossman Colotion Scented Cologne Lotion Royal Oud

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Bossman’s Colotion is reinventing the lotion industry. Bosses no longer have to worry about lotions and cologne clashing or competing to gain the approval of the noses of friends and family. One product. One scent. Two jobs completed.

Colotion scents offer men a healthier, more effective, and longer-lasting alternative to traditional colognes. Unlike spray-on colognes that typically use alcohol-based fragrances, all our Colotion scents are chemical-free and mostly derived from essential oils. In addition to our scented oils, each Colotion scent includes active ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and other moisturising components to help your skin feel supple, hydrated, and smoother than ever.

Order and use at your own risk, the attention our Colotion scents warrant can be overwhelming to the Boss who isn’t ready for it. Especially during close encounters.

  • 4oz
  • Not tested on Roosters
  • Long-Lasting Scent
  • Does not leave your skin oily
  • Natural ingredients



Designed for a king, Royal Oud’s Cedarwood and Bergamot undertones are complemented with hints of lemon, clove, and pepper oils. This scent is for the Boss who garners attention from all of those around him based on not only his devilishly good looks, but his attitude and accolades as well.


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