Bluebeards Revenge Double Edged Safety Razor Blades 100 pack

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This carton contains ten packs of ten of the very finest double edge razor blades. Designed for use with The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Razor, Shavette and other similar instruments. Please take care when handling as these blades are very sharp and will bite the unwary.

Dietary advice: These blades are guaranteed to be free of all nuts. They are suitable for those of you who are lactose intolerant or on gluten free diets. However, please do not attempt to eat these blades as the process will only end in tears. This product was not tested on animals and is totally cruelty free.

Safety advice: Do not use these blades whilst under the influence. It won't end well I promise!

  • Bulk pack of 100 blades in packs of 10

Customer Reviews

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Maha (Christchurch)
Good blades but not very environmentally friendly

The blades are sharp and good quality, I do not understand however why we need to use more plastic to wrap each set in, we need to be moving away from plastic. Astra blades use cardboard packaging so i will be going back to those next time.

Shane Whelton (Christchurch)

Bluebeards Revenge Double Edged Razor Blades 100 pack

Rita (Auckland)

Super sharp blades, easy to snap. Come with instructions. Perfect for a first timer like me

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