Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor

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Cut throat shave the Bluebeards way with this stylish replaceable blade cut throat razor! Features the distinctive Bluebeards logo on the handle.

This is a close relative to the straight razor with the difference being that the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. This means you don't have to worry about stropping and sharpening yet enjoy the closeness of a straight razor shave!

NB: no blade is included - go here to purchase blades.

Comes in plastic slip case. Features the distinctive Bluebeards logo on the handle and the metal blade holder is laser etched with the Bluebeards skull!
This cut throat razor uses standard double edged razor blades. These need to be snapped in half prior to insertion in the holder. Please do this while the blade is still in its wrapper.

Length is 22cm fully open

Customer Reviews

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Michael R. (Wellington)
Great beginner razor

Ordered this as I wasn’t sure about going to a single blade straight razor, now that I have, and used it a number of times I’m enjoying the process and results. Great value for money, but I can see myself upgrading soon

Matt (Auckland)
Excellent Razor

Very light and easy to use. Perfect for beginners. Can't recommend enough

Pd (Auckland)
A great beginner razor

Excellent for someone wanting to try a shavette without spending top dollar. I only use it to line my beard and neck area so Bluebeards Shavette is more than adequate. I use Feather and Muhle blades and care needs to be taken when loading/unloading and finding your blade angle. Practice shaving a few arm hairs before moving onto the face.

Logan Bulling (Christchurch)

First time using a straight razor and after some patience/blood and learning it's my much preferred method of shaving

Sam Goodman (Auckland)


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