Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Gold Soap

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The world has gone to hell in a hand cart, the stock market has bombed, your currency is worth the square root of stuff all and the machines are taking over the world; what do you do? Turn to gold of course!

In this case jump in the shower/bath and freshen up with our priceless bar of pure gold (Soap) – after all you might as well face Armageddon smelling good! Properly manly, The Bluebeards Revenge ‘Cuban Gold’ Soap is good in any crisis.

Directions For Use

Incredibly, the law does say that we need to instruct you in the art of using soap, so here goes. Add water to create a fine lather, rub into body from head to toe, then rinse off. Simple! This is also a fine opportunity to check the family jewels for any unwelcome lumps or bumps, so go right ahead and have a good firtle! If you do find anything unusual on the nuttage then please refer to your physician straight away.


Do not eat this soap, even if your mother reckons you deserve it! If you get suds in your eyes then rinse immediately with cold water.


175g measuring approximately 10.5cm x 5cm

Customer Reviews

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Mike R-T (Wellington)
Smoky scent

Large bar, does what it says on the ticket. Put it on a drying pad outside of the shower in between showers. Lasts longer that way.

rhys jones (Auckland)

Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Gold Soap

Cameron Hill (Sydney)
Big Bar Smells Great

Great smelling bar, but a failure to get a decent lather up. Only half way through, so will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Anthony Ellmers (Christchurch)
Good sized block of soap

Good sized block of soap lasts a while and smells great 👍👍

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