ManCave Blade Sampler Pack - 5 top brands, 40 blades

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5 brands of blades - the best way to learn which blades best suit your razor and your face. 40 blades altogether, more than half a year's supply for most people!

  • 10 x Merkur Platinum
  • 10 x Feather
  • 5 x Astra
  • 5 x Derby
  • 10 x Dorco STP-301

Customer Reviews

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Daryl H (Dunedin)
great deal

I was really impressed with the price of this package. It was a great deal

FaceScraper (Christchurch)
Blade From The ManCave

I got back into safety razor shaving after a couple of years on the electric and needed a sample of good quality blades. Having had a couple of the 10 pack samplers in the past with a selection of cheap and more expensive blades I opted for this 5 pack from ManCave to experience the varied slicing and dicing abilities of these. Even though the Feather blades are included and seem to be the sharpest, they aren't necessarily my prefered blade as I like to 'dig in' and hear the bristles, when I can't hear them on the blade, (and I'm not bleeding!) I know I have accomplished a 'smooth as a baby's bum' shave, so a less sharp blade helps me to achieve this. So this 5 pack of fine scrapers fits the bill perfectly! ManCave have a great selection of everything you need for your shaving experience, it's the first place I look.


I found the feathers to be the best for both my hair and face. The Astras were okay but didn’t seem to cut as good for as long, same with the Merkur and Dorco. Derby so far is the only one I haven’t cut myself with, but found more time and passes required for a closer shave.

I think this pack could’ve done without the Merkur blades and Dorco blades, and swapped for something a bit more versatile such as Gillette or Wilkinson, or at the very least included some kind of chart for comparison. Regardless, a good start for someone looking to convert to DE shaving.

Tim Dallison (Richmond)

ManCave Blade Sampler Pack - 5 top brands, 40 blades

R.S. (Hamilton)
Solid Sampler Pack

Solid sampler pack of razor blades. The Feather blades are especially sharp.

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