Milkman Beard Candy Beard Balm
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Milkman Beard Candy Beard Balm Milkman Beard Candy Beard Balm Milkman Beard Candy Beard Balm

Milkman Beard Candy Beard Balm

  • $37.50

Beards make you look manly, more attractive and feel as though you’ve achieved something even if you haven't done anything that day. For getting the best out of your beard, there's nothing like the styling, conditioning & fragrancing capabilities of Milkman’s “Beard Candy™” beard balm. It's light natural hold helps control the shape of your beard whilst coating & protecting the beard hair making it feel soft & healthy. Suited for medium to large beards.
Your Beard is in for a Treat
This is one of the most versatile beard products out there. It will soften, condition, style & fragrance your beard all at the same time. A cocktail of 7 botanical oils combined with natural bees wax & carnauba wax give you a preservative-free, petroleum-free, nonsense-free solution to making your beard look healthy & smell so good that it will be noticed... a lot!
How do you use this stuff?
Scrape out a small chunk of balm, rub with the palms of your hand until dissolved then work through the beard first working up against the grain & then patting it back down. Add a little extra or use our firm hold moustache wax to pin down any stubborn "sticky outy" bits of hair.
  • Made in Australia
  • 60ml tin

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