SKNHEAD is the first product range that can be used as a tattoo, beard, face and body moisturiser, and hair styler, all in one product. The concept for the range, currently consisting of seven products, was actually born back in 1999. 

The founder, Adee Phelan, who has previously brought out electrical, styling, and female cosmetics and haircare brands, has wanted to bring out a luxury men’s skin and hair grooming range for many years. Adee didn’t want the range to just be an amazing styling product. He realised men have changed. They’re into shine, conditioning, moisturising. The range’s coconut scent (extensive surveys found that coconut, other than being Adee’s favourite, was favoured by 90% of the people asked) is due to the extensive natural benefits of ingredients such as Cacao Seed Butter and ethically sourced Palm Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, and known for anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties when used on skin. Also helping to lightly moisturise hair and give it a healthy looking sheen, whilst helping to hold and define your style.