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Shaving Mug and Brush

Instead of treating shaving as a tedious chore why not make it your daily indulgence?  Instead of using mass-market products you bought at the supermarket along with potatoes and toilet roll, why not use real "tools"?  Ditch that propellant filled "canned goo" and treat yourself to some luxury creams and soaps.  Most importantly of all, whip up that lather with a real badger hair brush, exfoliating your skin and preparing the hairs for shaving at the same time. 

Here at the ManCave we can supply everything you need to take back your precious few minutes of man time from those giant US corporations and their marketing departments!

What is wet shaving?

Technically speaking, wet shaving just means shaving with water and foam, cream or soap, but with the recent resurgence in traditional shaving techniques, enthusiasts have come to use it as a shorthand for using a double-edged safety razor, badger hair brush and luxury soap or cream.

A traditional styled safety razor is a finely engineered steel tool, not a piece of injection moulded plastic.  The blades themselves cut hair in a  different way from multi-blade cartridges, slicing it rather than pulling at it.  Many men find that the redness and ingrown hair "razor bumps" they thought were a fact of life actually disappear after a few weeks of wet shaving

Cartridge razors

Although here at the ManCave we are great advocates of safety razors and double edged blades, we have to acknowledge that the multi-blade cartridge razors provide a decent shave quickly and in a convenient format. For this reason we stock a range of top quality handles to enhance your shaving experience. We recommend using exactly the same good quality soaps, creams and shaving brushes as you would with a safety razor.

How do I do it?

Check out our step by step instructions on how to wet shave.

Also, check out some of the links below.

Is wet shaving more environmentally friendly?

Your safety razor will very possibly last you a lifetime.

The double edged blades take up much less space in landfill than cartridge blades.  With care, they can even be recycled but consult your local council first and be sure not to dispose of them in a way that could injure waste management workers.

Tubes and pots of cream and soap do not contain propellants

The badger hair used in brushes is not from endangered European or US badgers, but from China, where excessive badger populations have to be managed by strictly controlled culling.

Where can I learn more?

There are many websites devoted to the art of wet shaving and many adepts keen to share their knowledge with others.  Here are just a few links:

Badger and Blade
mantic59's YouTube shaving videos
Godzone - NZ social group on Badger and Blade

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