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Does your shave consist of slapping on some canned goo from the supermarket, then hurriedly dragging a plasticky razor across your face?

Why not slow things down a little and rediscover the ritual of shaving?  Join the legions of men worldwide who are turning their backs on the plasticky consumer products we have come to call razors.

  • Are replacement cartridge blades costing you a fortune?
  • Are you still not really happy with your shave?
  • Do you yearn for a more satisfying shaving experience?
  • Are you looking for a touch of luxury or perhaps a gift that will be treasured?

Here at the ManCave® we currently offer precision German engineered safety razors and cartridge razors by Muhle and Merkur, a selection of the best blades from around the world and shaving brushes from both Vulfix and Omega. Shaving soaps and creams include Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt and Hill and the world renowned firm of Proraso from Florence in Italy. Just click on the catalogues to the right to get going.


  • Razors

    Safety razors and Mach3 cartridge razors, imported from Germany and Japan
  • Razor Blades

    Bulk and sampler packs of double edged safety razor blades from around the world.
  • Shaving Brushes

    Luxury shaving brushes in pure badger hair or boar bristle. Vulfix, Omega and Muhle. Essential to get the best out of your soap or cream in order to achieve your very best shave.
  • Soaps and Creams

    Luxury imported shaving soaps and creams by Proraso, Tabac, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Speick and Omega
  • Post Shave

    Products to soothe and repair your face after shaving
  • Shaving Accessories

    Accessories to make your grooming and shaving a pleasure
  • Head Shaving

    Everything you need to shave you scalp close, smooth and comfortable.

Hot new products

  • Muhle R89 GOLD Safety Razor

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Featured products

  • Muhle RT2 SR Safety Razor Travel Shaving Set

    $290.00 In stockOut of stock
  • Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor Kit

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5 steps to a better shave

Wet shaving is a skill and an art and as such requires a certain amount of practice.  If you are nicking and cutting your face, persevere - a few weeks will do to get the hang of it.

Once there, you can look forward to close and enjoyable shaves.

The ultimate aim is to be able to achieve a "BBS" shave - Baby's Bottom Shave!

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