RazorPit Slide Razor Blade Sharpener
RazorPit Slide Razor Blade SharpenerRazorPit Slide Razor Blade Sharpener

RazorPit Slide Razor Blade Sharpener

The new RazorPit Slide

Every shave leaves skin residue, hair and shaving cream on your blade.  This residue causes the blade to feel dull and give you an uncomfortable shave.

The solution - clean and sharp

You can actually clean and sharpen the razor blade using the RazorPit and its patented technology. Using the high level of friction in its unique materials, RazorPit rubs off the residue from the razor blade and leaves the blade sharp.

The result - a sharp blade

With RazorPit you will get a perfect shave for up to 150 shaves with the same razor blade.

Easy to use

Razorpit easily sharpens your razor blades.  Apply a shaving product on the horizontal surface. Push the razor blade down firmly onto the surface and push it, opposite to the normal shaving direction, 3-4 times. Finish by rinsing the RazorPit and the razor blade with water. Then leave the razor to dry, with the blade upwards. This is important to avoid water residue on the fine edge of the blade.

Works with all major brands of razor blade

  • not suitable for use with double-edged safety razor blades

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