• Anthony Logistics

  • Arko

  • Astra

  • BIC

  • Bison Made

  • Bluebeards Revenge

  • Clubman

  • Derby

  • Dorco

  • Dovo Merkur

  • Feather

  • Firehouse Moustache Wax

  • GEM

  • Geo F Trumper

  • Gillette

  • Groom Mate

  • Gummy

  • HeadBlade

    HeadBlade products NZ New Zealand
  • Kent

  • Lord

  • Marvis

  • MenScience

    MenScience Androceuticals - offering high-quality, dermatological-grade skincare products and the most advanced nutrition products designed specifically for men’s needs, MenScience takes men’s skin care and nutrition to the next level.
  • Mitchells Wool Fat Soap

    From a small, family run factory in Bradford, England, the legendary shaving soap and a wide range of other wool fat based soaps with Lanolin for soft and smooth skin.
  • Muhle

  • Omega

  • Other

  • Personna

  • Polsilver

    Highly regarded Polsilver double edge razor blades from Russia.
  • Proraso

  • RazorPit

    Extend the life of your cartridge razor blades - works with all major brands!
  • Semogue

  • SFDR by Proraso

  • Shaveworks

  • Speick

  • Tabac

  • Taylor of Old Bond Street

  • Thayers

  • Thiers-Issard

  • Triumph & Disaster

    High-end men's skincare and shaving creams from NZ brand Triumph & Disaster
  • Truefitt and Hill

  • Uppercut

  • Weleda

  • Wilkinson Sword


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  • Shaving

    Luxury imported razors, shaving brushes, soaps, creams and everything else for the discerning wet shaver
  • Face

    High end products for male maintenance!
  • Hair

    Shampoos and other hair products for today's man
  • Body

    Body washes and deodorants - just for men.
  • Grooming

    Male grooming accessories - combs, nasal hair trimmers, luxury toothpastes and more
  • Oral Care

    Look after your mouth with quality toothpastes and lip balms
  • Travel

    Shaving, grooming and skincare products for the man on the move.
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